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The Tan Man

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Hello all! And thank you for visiting our blog about our family and precious baby Tanner. Here you will always find up to date information about Tanner. I know sometimes it's hard to get ahold of us when you are wondering how Tanner is doing. So here we will post information we recieve at his doctor's appointments. We will always post Tanner's biweekly weight checks and overall growth. We'll post all of his accomplishments that seem to be coming daily. He's always trying something new. Thanks again for visiting and caring about our precious gift from God.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tanner couldn't be better!!

At this very moment, I can honestly say, that I have no worries with Tanner right now. He's taking 4 or 5, 6 ounce bottles a day. I've started to make my own baby food from organic fruits and veggies and he loves them. He would just eat small amounts of the jarred stuff. We've also started trying yogurt which he loves. Tanner was 12 pounds exactly at the doctors LAST Monday naked. This passed Friday I weighed him here at home and it said 12 pounds 2 and half ounces. Now, that's with a dry diaper and a onsie on which weighs 2 ounces. The scales do differ a little. I weighed him today and he was 12 pounds 8 ounces...minus 2 ounces for the clothes.'s a huge gain for him in just a few days!!! We're so proud of him!!! He's always loud and vocal too. He's becoming quite the motor mouth. The only time he's quite is if he's sleeping. He always sounds like he's yelling at us. We took a couple super cute pictures today. Tanner gets so excited when his brothers are around. Just their voices bring a huge smile to his face.
Of course Tanner and Mommy always make each other smile.

Our world isn't completely stress free with Tanner's good health. Poor Carter has always had some digestive issues that have just gotten worse over time. I won't go into too much detail to save him so embarrassment if he would ever hear about this blog post when he's a little older. I only mention it so that our friends and family may keep his health in their prayers.
That's all for today. Thanks for checking in on us:)


Hannah said...

I am so so so excited for you guys. Tanner is quite the inspiration!! Riley definitely looks up to him, especially in the feeding department.

Lauren said...

Jess - first of all GOOOOOOOOOOOO TANNER!!!

He is doing so well and we are so excited! You know, he is drinking as much as miss Norrah!

Also, I love the dark hair on you... beautiful.