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Hello all! And thank you for visiting our blog about our family and precious baby Tanner. Here you will always find up to date information about Tanner. I know sometimes it's hard to get ahold of us when you are wondering how Tanner is doing. So here we will post information we recieve at his doctor's appointments. We will always post Tanner's biweekly weight checks and overall growth. We'll post all of his accomplishments that seem to be coming daily. He's always trying something new. Thanks again for visiting and caring about our precious gift from God.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Finally checking in!

Hello my friends. Yes, I know......I stink at blogging right now. Wedding day is quickly approaching and I've been super busy. Between wedding planning, Tee It Up For Tanner planning, Tanner's therapy and doctor appointments, Carter's appointments (he's had a lot lately too), taking care of the kids, and keeping up with this house there's ZERO time left. I will get back to blogging regularly when summer is over.
Tanner's doing great. We had his first GI appointment scheduled for Wednesday (a week ago) but I cancelled it last minute. Even though Tanner's very slowly gaining he IS eating very well by mouth and I refuse to tube him. I didn't want to be put into a position to be made to feel guilty by a doctor. I know his pediatrician wants him to have a Gtube but I just don't care. Tanner was 14 pounds 7 ounces which is only a 2 ounce gain in a month. This is typically the age that kids slow down with the weight gain so I'm not worried. He's 26 and half inches long so he's doing great in the length department!!
Tanner's doing awesome sitting up. It's still not steady enough for me to be right there to catch him but he will go for a few minutes sitting at a time. He's playing and reaching with both hands and just doing so well with therapy. He is also so full of laughter that it melts me. His belly laugh is one of the cutest things I've ever heard.
I copied off of our friends Hannah and Riley and started teaching Tanner some cute little things. The one that he's doing so well is "Who's so big" and he raises his hands. Seriously, the cutest thing ever!!!! I'll get a video and share it soon.
Tanner has an eye appointment Monday and his typical 3 therapy sessions next week. Other than that we have nothing planned for him. He does have a tiny hernia right under his breast bone that I plan on getting checked out by a general surgeon. The doctor said it's nothing to worry about right now but to get it checked in the next few months.
We also had a great WHS get together on July 17th. We even met a new baby BOY with WHS. Tanner has been the only boy among our WHS friends (that we have met in person). It was great to see our friends. I know I say it all of the time but I truly love their company and can't wait to see them again. I however don't even have my pictures from that day uploaded yet so I'll have to share those next time around. For now, here are so great pictures.
I'll share some pictures from the the last month and I'll try to post some updates again soon.

Tanner has never used a pacifier. I've tried every kind and he just can't keep them in his mouth. Most mother's would be happy if their kids don't take one but I would like Tanner to use when just while he's waiting for a bottle. He exerts a lot of energy crying when he's hungry. It's takes about 5 minutes to make and warm a bottle so I hate to hear him upset that long. I found this great invention to keep his bink in his mouth while he waits and he loves it!!! I wish I would have thought of attaching a little stuffed animal to a soothie binkie.
My favorite hat yet!!!
My silly boy:)


Kristy said...

It's great to get an update from you guys. The pictures are soooo cute. Tanner is certainly a heartbreaker with those long eyelashes and dimples!

I don't blame you for canceling the GI appt. Dylan's endocrinologist also suggested a g-tube but he is now up to 15lbs2oz and is 28" long and like Tanner, he eats great, so I see no need to even discuss a tube at this time.

Good luck with all the wedding details, I am sure it is going to be beautiful. Keep the updates coming. :)

Kisses4Kaylee said...

These are great pictures; I still have to upload some of the other ones I took at Chrissy's to fb, too. I have a nice one of Justin holding Tanner. :-)

I do not blame you for canceling the GI appointment, either. I have a mini anxiety attack every time Kaylee gets weighed; she is a pretty good eater, I just need to figure out how to maximize her calories, I think.

Looking forward to your wedding day. This summer is going by so quickly that it will be here before you know it, which means one thing...I go back to work a week later. lol.

Love you!