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The Tan Man

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Hello all! And thank you for visiting our blog about our family and precious baby Tanner. Here you will always find up to date information about Tanner. I know sometimes it's hard to get ahold of us when you are wondering how Tanner is doing. So here we will post information we recieve at his doctor's appointments. We will always post Tanner's biweekly weight checks and overall growth. We'll post all of his accomplishments that seem to be coming daily. He's always trying something new. Thanks again for visiting and caring about our precious gift from God.

Monday, October 11, 2010

A wedding, a golf outing, and 2 WHS get togethers

So......I'm doing this. I'm blogging about everything that I've been wanting to blog about for months now and I don't care how long it takes. Yes, I could be writing thank you notes to all of our wonderful supporters that made monetary or merchandise donations for Tee It Up......I could be folding my 3rd load of laundry for the day (no I don't let it back up! I do 3 loads about every other day)......I could also be going through all the boys drawers and closets packing up the summer clothes into storage containers.....but NO! I'm going to blog.
Let's start with our WHS get together at the Rivera's back in July....yes's been that long. I know I always rave about our get togethers but truly there's nothing like it. Just yesterday we had one and afterwards a good friend posted on face book how very lucky we are. We didn't choose to be friends. This syndrome, that crippled all of us at one time, has now created an extremely close group of life long friends. I'm so very proud to know and call each and every one of our WHS family my true friends. I often say that Tanner was given to us for a reason. I'm not sure that there will ever be one BIG reason that slaps me in the face but I do know that over the last 19 months so many reasons have become clear to me. I do believe that having this extended family of WHS friends is one of them. Each of us fit in just perfect. We are truly blessed.
Lauren and the Tan Man

Izzy giving Tanner a kiss

Tanner was so happy to meet Alexander since he's been the only boy in the group.

Kaylee, Tanner, and Mia playing together.

The whole clan siblings and all.....well most of us. A few families are missing.

Norrah and I

Watch those curls Norri:)

So, our wedding was wonderful. Of course everything didn't go as planned. The limo didn't show up to get us so everything ran an little late because of that but anyone that knows me probably expected it to run late anyway because punctual is not in my vocabulary. Our ceremony was outside and the weather couldn't have been better. The kids all got down the isle one way or another. And the emotional, smiling bride managed to just have water filled eyes walking down the isle rather than mascara streaked tears down her cheeks. The only complaint I have is that it went too fast!!!
My B-E-A-utiful bouquet made my friend Jen. She's amazing!!!!

Miss Norrah and I

My beautiful baby boy all dressed up

My sister in law Kim and I

My favorite wedding picture of Justin and I

Our family walking back up the isle

Tyler pulled Tanner in the wagon. He did such a great job!

We were so proud of ourselves after our first dance.

Our serious wedding party:)

My step sisters, me, my sis, and Sydney

A mother's work is never done:) Bottle time!!

Our nephew Luke. One of our 4 ring bearers.

My WHS mommy friends and I. I'm so glad they were there with us.

I love this picture of the boys.

My beautiful sister and neice

My mumma and my step dad dancing

I love my boys so much!!!!

If we're facebook friends you've most likely already seen this. This was proud moment for me though so I must share again!!!

Tee It Up For Tanner
The golfing outing and beef and beer were amazing this year!!! We are so grateful for all of our friends, family and supporters. Of course I was so busy that I didn't get my camera out once during the beef and beer. Atleast some others took some pictures and I got some great ones on the course during the outing. Thank you to everyone that came out and to all of the businesses that donated. A BIG thank you to Joe and Michelle Bucci. Joe Bucci (Bucci Jewelry and Design) designed a diamond horseshoe necklace and donated it be raffled off at the event. Family and friends sold tickets for a month before the big day. This necklace is to be worn for good luck for Tanner. Joe and his daughter Natalie drew the winning ticket and my SISTER (and Tanner's God Mother)won!!!!!! So exciting!!!!
Tanner and Jen (wearing the prized necklace)
Laurie (Kaylee's mommy) and Joe (Mia's daddy) came out to show their support:)

Laurie and I

Tyler in his Tee It Up For Tanner gear

Joe and Michelle Bucci and Michelle;s sister. We love you guys!!!!

October's Wolf-Hirschhorn Family get together
Yesterday we had the great pleasure of meeting with our WHS friends again. Even Hannah, Brandon, and Riley came all the way from South Carolina again. That's always a special treat:) I love getting pictures of Riley and Tanner together. They were just destined to be friends. We also met a new family with a 14 year old daughter, Hannah. Thanks for hosting Jen, Jim, Kristen, and Ray!!! We usually manage to get some pictures of the mommies together but this time it just didn't happen:(
Play time!!!!!
Tanner and Riley playing

Karly, Alexander, Tanner, Riley, Mia, Norrah, and Hannah

As I was going through all of these pictures I realized that I have left our beach trip out!!!! It was such a great time with our amazing little family so I'll save that for my next post. Thanks all for reading. Much love to you all!!!1


Melissa and Luke Young said...

What great photos!! you looked stunning at your wedding, and it looked like it was an amazing day. Im glad Tee it up for Tanner was a success. Its wonderful to see the family and friends support that you have... nothing is more important!! Thanks for sharing your photos x

Kristy said...

I love all the pics. It looks like you have had a very busy and fun few months. The wedding pictures are beautiful - congratulations! You are so blessed with a beautiful family and wonderful friends.

NONA said...

welcome back great pic love ya Tanner xoxo