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The Tan Man

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Hello all! And thank you for visiting our blog about our family and precious baby Tanner. Here you will always find up to date information about Tanner. I know sometimes it's hard to get ahold of us when you are wondering how Tanner is doing. So here we will post information we recieve at his doctor's appointments. We will always post Tanner's biweekly weight checks and overall growth. We'll post all of his accomplishments that seem to be coming daily. He's always trying something new. Thanks again for visiting and caring about our precious gift from God.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Videos for your enjoyment

So, it only took me a couple of days but I finally figured out how to post a video. Here is Tanner with his super duper yackers on. Sometimes it sounds like he's yelling! But he's having fun listening to himself. I apologize for the constant movement as Tanner was in his swing but I eventually turned it off. So, from now on I promise you won't have to take motion sickness meds to watch our videos:) Don't forget to pause the song at the bottom of the blog page so you can hear Tanner.

Here's another video of Tanner in the bathtub. He LOVES bath time. he did some kicking in this video but it is mild compared to his normal kicking action. There's usually water splashing out of the bathtub. He must have been tired last night.

Thanks to all of you that follow Tanner's blog. It's wonderful to know how many people care about our family and take the time to look and comment. I love this video thing so I'm sure there will be plenty more to come:)


Hannah said...

Tanner is adorable. The way he moves is so similar to Riley. I love hearing him talk, he is so much to say!

mimi said...

Tanner, you sure did have your yackers on when Mimi came to see you. I love hearing your "stories". You always have so much to tell everyone, and so dramatic.
I love and miss you....Mimi

Hannah said...

We are thinking about and praying for your family. We hope Tanner is home soon and never goes through this again.