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The Tan Man

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Hello all! And thank you for visiting our blog about our family and precious baby Tanner. Here you will always find up to date information about Tanner. I know sometimes it's hard to get ahold of us when you are wondering how Tanner is doing. So here we will post information we recieve at his doctor's appointments. We will always post Tanner's biweekly weight checks and overall growth. We'll post all of his accomplishments that seem to be coming daily. He's always trying something new. Thanks again for visiting and caring about our precious gift from God.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tanner is thankful for YOU

We have so many friends and family that give us and Tanner their support and love. Sometimes things can get a bit hectic around here with doctor appointments and taking care of our boys. I want to make sure that everyone that helps us knows how much we truly appreciate them. Here are some pictures of Tanner and others that love him. If you don't see your picture here then that means you're camera shy.....or we just don't see eachother enough. If YOU have a picture of yourself and Tanner please send it to me. So, here are pictures of people that are thankful for Tanner.

You know we've gotta start with Mommy and Daddy:)

His big brothers are thankful for Tanner. Tyler is very loving toward Tanner. I still think Carter is a little jealous but he loves Tanner, too.
Tanner's grandmothers of course LOVE Tanner and help out as much they can. This is Mimi (my mom). She lives about 40 minutes away. She helps as much as she can and gets sad that she has to work so much. She wishes she could see and babysit Tanner more often. But she always makes it over atleast once if not twice a week.

Justin's mom is Nona. She lives close by and is so very helpful. She often watches Tanner so I can make my own doctor appointments and run errands. Please notice Poppop (Justin's dad) in the background because I don't have a picture of him and Tanner together. I'll have to work on that.

This is my grandmother. She lives in Altoona and loves Tanner very much. We don't get to see her often enough. But she calls all of the time to check on her great grandsons.

This is uncle Eric. He is Justin's youngest brother. Aunt Leelee (Eric's fiance is missing in this picture ???) We don't have ANY pictures of Aunt Jacci and Tanner. She is the youngest of the four of them. I'll get a picture of you Jacci! Watch out:)

And this is Uncle Scott (also Justin's brother) and his wife Aunt Kimmy. Aunt Kimmy is almost due to have baby Luke in this picture. Luke was born just a few weeks after Tanner.

Here's cousin Luke. They will be buddies and grow up together. They love eachother very much....they just don't talk about it yet:)

This seems to be all I have. I'm missing so many of you special people. Aunt Jenny (my sister and best friend), Uncle Nate, and cousin Sydney (all in Altoona)how do I not have any pictures of you guys with Tanner? We're missing Pappy, Pops, Poppy and Jackie......we love you all and we'll be sure to take some pictures when you are all here for "Tee It Up For Tanner" and I'll do a part two to this post. Thanks to all who love and support our family and angelic little Tanner. We love you all.


mimi said...

Beautiful Tanner

You have so many people that love you!! I am so happy and proud to be your Mimi. I love you so much baby boy.

Kim said...

thanks for the shout out- we love you guys!
kim, scott & luke

lauren said...

I must get a pic with the handsome "TAN MAN" I'm very jealous of everyone elses pic... So be sure to have the camera ready next time you come to HUP mommy Jess! :)

nona said...



lmi61281 said...

We love you Tanner!!
Uncle Eric and Aunt Leeann

JKilpatty said...

Love the blog, Jess! Love being able to sneak a peek at your day to day with the family! Give everyone our love! ~Jenny & Will